Recent Planning

I have recently decided to start a self-love planner for the “plans” mentioned in my last blog entry. In this planner, I intend to write everything self related. Plan when I want to explore, business plans, blog entry ideas, etc.. All stuff that is self-love related for me. This will not have my everyday activities such as work, appointments, cleaning plans, etc. I will post updates so everyone can see what I have been up to.

The planner I chose is a beautiful floral notebook style planner by Heidi Swapp. I absolutely LOVE her planners and my personal planner is also one of her newer designs.. Which I’m sure you’ll see in the near future. I haven’t been and won’t be doing many hauls. With starting a new job & being a single mommy I have recently made a list of things I’d like to get for our home.. So I’ll be focused on that for a while. I’ll post about it in my family blog entries of course ❤

If anyone is interested in finding my planner/blog Instagram, my name on there is @PrintedArrow. I’d love for you to come be part of my planning experience!



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