Happy 2016!

Hello everyone.. sheesh it has been quite some time since i’ve written a blog entry. I apologize & promise that is no longer going to be the case. I know so many people make New Years Resolutions.. and don’t follow through, so this is NOT a resolution… but a life change. I miss writing and have had so many things going on in my life lately that i would love to share with all of you! I hope you are all enjoying 2016 so far & I wish you all a beautiful year to come!large-1So.. Recently, my best-friend Emerald and I have decided to take the leap in the new year and focus on ourselves… learn to truly love ourselves. We have come up with small goals for us as human beings and are really excited to simply improve our happiness and love for life. For example, I want to learn how to cook.. explore more.. etc. She is learning a new language. We both are helping each other become more positive and more organized with our lives by planning & journaling. I have been using my planner for about a year now and really love it, I am sending her a huge box of goodies to get started and am super excited to do this together. We have been friends for 20+ years now and i absolutely love her to death. She is definitely one of the most beautiful people I know.. inside & out.

Other news.. single mommy stuff. We are having so much fun, I am starting a new job soon at a hospital working three 12hr night shifts a week and am honestly so excited because I will be helping people and also because i will be with my babies more during the day! I miss them so much working the regular 9-5 shift. Also, i’m planning to work on re-opening my shop!! I’m really excited for things to come in the near future. I’m not setting any major dates yet because honestly, I want to do it at my own pace. This year is about self love and moving forward and I look forward to both. Thank you for reading!



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