HAUL: PaperChase USA


Here it is everyone! My adorable PaperChase-USA order!! I love love LOVE everything! Shipping wasn’t too bad either, I was so impatient to receive my order that I felt like it was taking decades haha! It actually took a little over a week, which was longer than they said but not bad at all! I can’t wait to order again!

Everything is amazing quality and super adorable as you can see. The washi tapes {top center} come in a box that is actually similar to a washi holder.. So those all can stay in the box together as a set and still be used. I thought that was pretty helpful for organization. We all know that there is no perfect way to store our washi tapes! The pocket notebooks {top left} are absolutely beautiful in person.. This coming from someone who doesn’t swoon over butterfly items too often. The colors are very vibrant, the pastels against the vivid black is my favorite! The little mouse notebook {top right} is so cute & the cover is like a hardback book! So it is sturdy & not going to get flimsy and worn out in my bag.. The notecards/thank you cards under that… So cute! I can’t wait to use those for someone special 🙂

All in all… Definitely place an order! I will be again soon. The items are so cute & extremely great quality.. And shipping is pretty fast. You will not regret it 🙂

Thank you all for reading! Have a lovely Sunday!



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